Night Flyer CL LED Ball

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  • PLAY IN THE DARK — The Night Flyer is perfect for early morning play or the last few holes at dusk!
  • BRIGHT - 2 Internal green LEDs light up the Night Flyer CL continuously for about 9 minutes on each shot
  • LONG LASTING - The LEDs last approximately 30 hours of "total usage time" so you can use this ball again and again.
  • DURABLE - 3 Layer Construction Surelyn Cut-Proof Cover
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - 80/85 Compression

The Night Flyer CL is the ultimate way to play golf in low light conditions. This ingenious ball lights up upon impact and stays lit for about 9 minutes. After that, the lights inside the ball turn off to conserve battery power. This ball works much better than glow stick balls. Never lose your ball in the dark again!