Swing Sock Club Weight

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  • Improves tempo, and timing, while increasing club head speed for greater distance. Can be used any time you feel the need to loosen up. Great in cold weather
  • Get your muscles warmed up to, make a proper golf swing. In just a few swings your muscles are loose and ready for the first hole
  • Improves strength in the hands, arms, shoulders and back
  • Increases flexibility and stretches all the important upper body muscles used in the golf swing
  • Swing Sock fits conveniently in your golf bag. Available in a variety of colors, weights, and sizes

By putting the weight right on the club head, the Swing Sock by ProActive Sports develops a powerful and consistent swing that stays on a plane. Using both weight resistance and muscle memory training principles, the Swing Sock is an essential tool for your training arsenal. Stores easily in your golf bag. The Swing Sock allows you to get warmed up, loose, and focused before your round, in just minutes. By attaching to the club head the weight works with each swing to develop power, strength, tempo, and consistency. Great for practicing your swing indoors or outdoors. The Swing Sock attaches securely to the club head. It's perfect for training anytime and anywhere you are. The Swing Sock is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights to fit a wide variety of clubs. Add some power to your swing with the Swing Sock.


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