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The Delta Putt

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  • Provides instant feedback on every stroke
  • Develops consistent, repeatable putting skills
  • 3 Unique sides for Tour, Pro, and Amateur
  • Designed to have the same feeling as a golf green
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable

The Delta Putt is a putting tool unlike anything the golf industry has ever seen. It gives you clear, indisputable feedback every practice stroke. From top rated tour players to novice beginners. The Delta Putt delivers consistent, repeatable stroke. Why? Because the puck does not lie. Every stroke you take provides insight that putting with a golf ball cannot provide. Putting with the Delta Putt shows you if your stroke is straight down your intended line, outside in, inside out, and if your putter face is square at impact in order to fix what you are doing. It's putting practice perfected.