Aluminum Shag Tube

Aluminum Shag Tube

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  • NEW – Updated design with a rubber strap to secure the opening and modified pick-up end that requires less force to use
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction weighs just 21 ounces
  • Holds up to 23 golf balls
  • Slots to prevent dirt from clogging the tube
  • 38 inches long, can be stored in your golf bag or the trunk of your car

Improving your short game means practicing shot after shot. While this is good for your game, it can be tough on your back. The Aluminum Shag Tube can save your game and your body. This lightweight ball collector is convenient and effective. Weighing just 21 ounces, it can easily be carried by any golfer, even when full of balls. The tube holds up to 23 golf balls which is perfect for putting, chipping around the practice green, or taking some swings in your backyard. The Aluminum Shag Tube features a slotted tube design that eliminates dirt clogging. At 38” tall it can easily fit into your golf bag with your clubs or stored in the trunk of your car. The Aluminum Shag Tube reduces the time spent picking up golf balls, affording you more productive practice sessions.