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Check Go Ball Liner with 4 Colored Pens

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  • Gives you a visual line to increase putting/driving accuracy
  • Locks securely onto ball while marking
  • Four colored pens included
  • Pens can be used on any check-go product
  • Check-Go ball liner can easily be attached to bag or key ring

The Check-Go Ball Liner gives you a visual advantage to lining up putts and hitting your ball squarely. Driving and putting with this line gives you an advantage right off the tee, letting you stay focused on your target and swing rather than distracting golf ball elements. The Check-Go Ball Liner locks the ball in place for easy marking while allowing you to rotate it to manipulate around logos or other ball markings. The Check-Go Ball Liner can be attached to your bag or key chain for easy access. Four different colored pens included so you and your foursome can each have a unique line on your ball.