Check Go Pro Electronic Ball Liner

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  • Automatically rotates ball to quickly locate balanced equator and sweet spot
  • Hitting a golf ball's sweet spot will increase the distance and accuracy while reducing the chance of hooks and slices
  • Works with any golf ball
  • Built in alignment cup stencil for marking your ball
  • Batteries and marking pen included

Each ball has its own unique Sweet Spot. Hitting it will increase the distance and accuracy of your drives while reducing the chance of hooks and slices. Check Go Pro finds any golf ball's "true balance equator" in 30 seconds, improving a ball's playability off the tee and when putting. Check Go Pro's patented spin-balance technology improves game performance by balance-calibrating any golf ball before play. While spinning at over 10,000 RPM, this amazing device finds a ball's center of balance and draws an equator along it. This balance equator represents what is referred to as the "Sweet Spot" of any golf ball. By playing aligned with the balance equator, you will hit straighter and farther while reducing hooks and slices. Nearly every golf ball manufactured is imperfectly balanced. Even the very best golf ball can and will perform substantially better when played on its true balance equator. Play better golf with Check Go Pro.

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Dean Allmon

Very easy to use and worth every penny

Tanner Gorski
Paid for fast shipping and got it late

I paid for the fast shipping and it came almost 2 weeks late. Paid for fast shipping for nothing.


Doesn’t work