Club Grip Cleaning Wipes

Club Grip Cleaning Wipes

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  • UNIQUE CLEANSING FORMULA– Each wipe has a specific cleansing formula infused into disposable cotton cloths. What truly is important are the ingredients NOT in the formulation: no aloe, oil, glycerin, alcohol, or offensive smells. This formula has been specially designed for grips to clean sweat, remove dirt and grime, AND restore the tackiness to the grips!
  • PLAY CLEAN – Golf is a dirty game; constantly in grass, dirt, and occasionally sand (hopefully here less often). Stop using your towel to clean off your grips and save it for your hands and face! Our wipes are more effective than a simple towel and water rinse, on top of being easier and more convenient to use. ProPlay wipes allow you to always be hitting a clean ball, with a clean club face, with a tacky, solid grip in your hands.
  • KEEP YOUR MIND RIGHT – Any golfer knows any slight distraction on the course can knock your shot totally off-kilter. ProPlay developed these powerful wipes to ensure you are never distracted by a slimy or sticky grip and you’re at your best whenever you’re out swinging!
  • DURABLE AND EFFECTIVE – These cleaning wipes have been designed to be powerful, durable, and long-lasting. Our specially developed cleansing formula is extremely effective, shown to be more effective than using a towel and water. Stop the hard scrubbing, join us with an easy clean!
  • CONVENIENCE – Everyone hates having to search for a sink and paper towels to clean off their grips, with these wipes you don’t have to leave the cart! Always be able to clean and move on to the next hole. We have placed these wipes into convenient resealable packets to allow golfers to use these cleaning wipes anywhere and anytime. This resealable package allows them to be saved for weeks, no need to rush their use!

Quickly restore that desired tackiness to your golf grips. There’s no need to spend an hour with your hands in a bucket and making a mess with soapy water and a brush. With a little work and frequent use of the ProPlay wipe, your grips will stay tacky.