G-Paint 4-Pack (White, Black, Red, Blue)

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  • Personalize, touch-up, or custom paint fill your golf clubs
  • Simple to apply and no skill required. Each 10ml bottle features a small plastic needle applicator that can act as a filler pen for precise results
  • Durable, permanent, and tough giving you long-lasting results 
  • Create your own colors by mixing supplied paint colors together
  • G-Paint infill paint is a unique product to the golfing scene and can be used to improve the appearance of your golf equipment, irons, wedges, woods, and putters.

Developed in the UK. This infill paint has been specially formulated to be chip, shock, and chemical resistant and exceptionally durable!

The paint kits provide the ideal solution for redefining numbers, letters, company logos, sightlines, and other graphics on your clubs. Just one coat of G-Paint onto bare metal (no primer required), or simply apply over existing paintwork.

Touch dry in 30 minutes and fully cured in 6 hours.