Grooveit Brush

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  • PATENTED PUMP ACTION SPRAY - Easily to fill on-the-go tube handle sprays water or your choice of cleaning solution onto the clubface prior to scrubbing
  • DETACHABLE MAGNET - Allows ultimate mobility and eliminates the need for a clip or lanyard that will wear out or get caught in the golf bag zipper or towel
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE – Rugged brush head for a deep clean and 3-year bristle guarantee
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Knurled finish pistol grip for comfort and control
  • IMPROVE YOUR GAME – Clean grooves ensure maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy
The Grooveit Brush is a total groove cleaning solution. Simply fill the tube with water or cleaning solution and press the button to spray your clubface. The durable bristles immediately go to work leaving your club sparkly clean. The magnet system attaches/detaches to your bag instantly. No more messing around with bottles of water, flimsy brushes, and clip systems.