Rechargeable Hand Warmer w/ USB Power Bank

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  • 2-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Rechargeable electric hand warmer and portable power bank
  • DOUBLE-SIDED HEAT: Warms up in seconds and puts out powerful heat which can be adjusted by choosing from 3 different warmth levels
  • PORTABLE & RESUSABLE: Warm both hands by clasping the hand warmer or put in your pocket to heat your body; great for morning walks, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, and winter sports. Can also be used for heat therapy on sore muscles
  • POWERFUL BATTERY: High capacity 7,800mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours and is powerful enough to fully charge most smartphones 2 times. UL certified and safe to use

The ProActive Sport’s Rechargeable Hand Warmer is the last hand warmer you will ever need. This high capacity electric hand warmer will not only provide warmth, but also charges your portable electronic devices. The round edges and smooth shape make it comfortable to hold in your hands. Choose between 3 different heat settings. Turn the hand warmer on and place in your pocket for heat on the go. The ProActive Sports Rechargeable Hand Warmer is also great for heat therapy by allowing you to target specific achy muscles and provides instant relief. The included micro USB cable allows you to charge the hand warmer virtually anywhere. Ditch Disposable. Go Rechargeable.

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