Sub Zero 2 Evaporative Cooling Towel

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  • COOLS INSTANTLY - Active Cooling technology immediately cools up to 15 degrees below outdoor temperature and stays cool for hours. Simply wet the towel and wring it out to activate
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Sub Zero 2.0 measures 40" x 12" and can be used in a variety of ways to keep you cool. Use as a neck wrap, bandana, under your hat, on your forehead, or any other way you see fit
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - Great for active sports, soaks up sweat, cools via evaporation
  • STAYS SOFT - Made from ultra-breathable fabric, the Sub Zero 2.0 stays soft even when dry and is machine washable, reusable and last for years. No more cardboard feeling shammy towels!
  • STORAGE TUBE - Comes in a reusable storage container with a carabiner clip lid. Keep your wet towel close by without soaking your bag

The Sub Zero 2.0 Cooling Towel by ProActive Sports stays soft even when dry. The active cooling technology immediately cools up to 15 degrees below the outdoor temperature. Simply wet and wring the towel out and it is ready for use. Sub Zero 2.0 provides a long-lasting cooling sensation and can be re-activated by simply wetting the towel again. The towel comes in a reusable carabiner clip storage tube, so you can transport your wet towel without getting everything else wet. Great for the gym, yoga, cycling, golf, basketball, workouts, jogging, hiking, gardening, tennis, or just chilling at the beach.


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