Universal Phone Mount

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  • Versatile Viewing Options: Enjoy a seamless experience with 360-degree rotation, allowing you to effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes. Whether you need to follow GPS directions, make hands-free calls, or simply enjoy your favorite music, this universal phone mount has you covered.
  • Wide Device Compatibility Designed to accommodate a variety of smartphones, including all phones from 5-7” like iPhones, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy phones.
  • Adaptable Mounting System: The universal mounting system comes complete with 2 mounting brackets, offering unparalleled flexibility. Attach it to a golf push cart, golf riding cart, bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, boat, stationary bike, scooter, and more. The corner grips provide a secure hold, keeping your device firmly in place during any adventure.
  • Glare-Free Navigation: The adjustable angle feature ensures that you can position your phone optimally to reduce glare, providing a clear view of your screen. Navigate with confidence, keep an eye on maps, and stay focused on the road ahead.
  • Seamless Transition Between Vertical and Horizontal: With the ability to effortlessly switch between vertical and horizontal orientations, this phone mount caters to your preferred viewing mode. Whether you're reading messages, watching videos, or engaging in video calls, the transition is smooth, providing a user-friendly experience.

  • Experience ultimate versatility with our Universal Phone Mount, designed to elevate your mobile experience in every way. Effortlessly transition between portrait and landscape views with the 360-degree rotation feature, ensuring optimal positioning for activities such as GPS navigation, hands-free calls, and enjoying your favorite tunes. The adjustable angle feature reduces glare so you always have a clear view. Compatible with all up to 7 inches, this mount boasts a universal system with 2 mounting brackets, making it perfect for a range of activities, from golfing to biking. The secure corner grips keep your device in place during any adventure, offering peace of mind. Seamlessly switch between vertical and horizontal orientations, catering to your preferred viewing mode for tasks like reading messages, watching videos, or engaging in video calls.