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Your Yardage Book

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  • Provides a unique template to map out a golf course and take accurate notes about the green
  • Relying on your personal notes instead of memory will change the way you see the course
  • Lock in which clubs to play and know the distances to bunkers and hazards
  • Decrease your score based on course knowledge that can be used again and again
  • Each book contains sheets to note 1 course

Your Yardage Book is a personal map that you create of a golf course allowing you to score well because you understand the high points and the pitfalls of the golf course you choose to play. You have personally mapped out this course and created a tool that will allow you to play this course in your mind, understand what you are capable of as a golfer and have very clear goals established for each hole. With a Your Yardage Book your ability to manage any golf course according to your perspective will become something that you do with ease. You will already have a plan when any shot you make is less than what you envisioned, so you can minimize your scores on each hole. You will immediately know if it is a good idea to go for the green or to take a shot that will get you to the best recovery spot on the course in order to keep your scores low.